Spring Window Fun!

I had so much fun doing this dip-dyed window last week for Bell Jar I thought I’d post about the process and concept.  Yay for tassels!

The inspiration for this concept was fiber art, and we wanted to use a large scale vibrant yet beautiful way to excite people for spring.


Fiber art is in the midst of a huge comeback and has me trolling the internet and my local thrift stores for epically vibey wall hangings.

Here’s a few that inspire me personally, from straight outta the 70’s jute to modern patterns of bushy colored yarn.

I just love the hugeness of this owl macrame!! I was inspired by the size and decided to use big cotton piping for the dyed cords to have a sort of ‘in process’ feel.

Unfinished, inviting.


via Andy Harman


I also love these examples of clean modern shapes in the wool and amazing color combinations!

wovens via Etsy

 We decided to go with big fabric tassels hanging from dip dyed cords for the best of all worlds, and after sourcing the materials I went to work.

I tore long strips of muslin, folded them in half and wrapped the tops to create the tassels. I cold-water dip dyed a variety of pastel hues for the cords and tassels and hung them to dry.

It was a bit difficult keeping the white end of the 15 ft ropes away from the colored end, but having a ladder and clothesline definitely helped!


I attached the tassels to the cords, and strung the ropes from the ceiling at varying heights- with my fave big peachy ones in front!  Swirled the length of the ropes in circles in front of the dress form and ta-da! Xo!